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More information about AIRLAB AIR-HOP KIT 13MM

Everything you need to need to install an Air-Hop.

Each kit contains:

1 x Air-Hop 8mm or 13mm (3 patches in different sizes)
1 x Air-Nub 8mm or 13mm (2 identical nubs)
1 x Air-Hop Tool
5 x Sandpaper Strips for Air-Hop OD
3 x Sandpaper sheets for Air-Hop Tool
Air-Hop is an accuracy upgrade which replaces the hopup mound with an extended concave contact patch, similar to the R-hop.

Easy to install
Improves accuracy
Increases range
Allows use of heavier ammo
Works at all temperatures
Made by Airlab in the UK
Quantity: 3 patches (1 of each size)

Best used with:

Airlab Air-Nub

Airlab Air-Hop Installation Tool

Air-Hop installation service

How it works:

The Air-Hop applies smooth acceleration and even backspin resulting in a more stable, flatter BB trajectory. This improves accuracy, consistency and range to the highest levels currently possible in airsoft.

Airseal can also be improved because backspin is now applied by the Air-Hop, not the bucking at all. In a regular hopup, the bucking performs two functions: airseal and backspin. These two functions are very different, and they require different materials in order to perform at their best. Many buckings which provide good airseal do not apply good backspin, so you can end up sacrificing accuracy for power, or vice versa. The Air-hop bypasses this problem by taking over the job of applying backspin, so you can now choose a bucking which provides the best airseal, ignoring its backspin performance.

Air-Hop is very easy to install, often requiring very little modification. Each kit contains 3 Air-Hops which have been pre-cut to different heights to account for the fact that all airsoft barrel windows are slightly different. One of the three patches should be very close to your barrel, only requiring you to trim the patch to fit the length of the barrel window, a small amount of sanding and gluing in place.

8mm is sufficient for most guns. 13mm is only necessary for very heavy weight BBs.

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