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Airsoft Ammo, Gas & Maintenance

Shop our range of airsoft essentials, including BBs, Gas and everything else needed to keep your airsoft gun working exactly as it should - giving you a competitive edge over your opponents!

Don’t let the wrong ammo hold you back! Here at Urban Airsoft, you’ll find the perfect ammo for both your airsoft gun and your unique style of play.

We stock Biodegradable BBs, Non-Biodegradable BBs, and Tracer BBs all available in a variety of weights including 0.2g, 0.25g, 0.28g, 0.3g, and 0.36+g – simply shop online or in-store today!

As well as all your essential ammo types, we also stock a wide range of high-performance gas & accessories, including lubricants, cleaning kits and maintenance accessories to help you keep your airsoft gun performing at its peak for as long as possible.

Stock Up on Airsoft Ammo

The last thing you want is to run out of BBs mid-game! Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of ammo to go around here at Urban Airsoft…

We stock all popular BB brands, including Specna Arms, Vorsk, Nuprol, Kalashnikov, and Swiss Arms, as well as all Blaster ranges so you can stock up on your favourite airsoft ammo or experiment with some new types to find the perfect ammo for you.

Choosing the Right Ammo for your Airsoft Gun

Not sure which BBs you need for your airsoft gun or play style? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Let’s break it down…

Airsoft Ammo Weight Types

In general, lighter airsoft ammo types are capable of achieving higher velocities, although because of their weight, they will also lose this speed faster than heavier pellets. They are also more likely to be affected by wind and other outside influences, therefore it could affect your accuracy when playing in specific conditions though are perfect for CQB and up close engagements.

Heavier BB pellets are less affected by outside conditions making them generally more accurate. Thanks to their weight they also hit much harder and with more momentum as they are capable of carrying their energy over a greater distance.

0.2g & 0.25g

Incredibly common across all airsoft players, 0.2g and 0.25g pellets provide a brilliant mixture of both weight and range and are suitable for use with most spring, gas and CO2 guns.

0.2g & 0.25g

Incredibly common across all airsoft players, 0.2g and 0.25g pellets provide a brilliant mixture of both weight and range and are suitable for use with most spring, gas and CO2 guns.


The most popular BB weight for skirmish use, these pellets are perfect for almost all gas, CO2 and electric airsoft guns providing extended range and increased accuracy. Some sites have a maximum weight so be sure to check before you book on to play.

0.3g & 0.32g

The most popular BB weight for DMRs and generally the minimum recommended for most snipers.

0.36 & 0.4g to 0.5g

The heaviest pellets we stock, specifically made for use with high FPS airsoft guns and sniper rifles.

If you’re still unsure about which ammo weight you need, we always recommend checking the FPS/Joules limit on the packaging to see if they’re suitable for your weapon. Or get in touch with our expert team for assistance!

Airsoft BB Types

Biodegradable Airsoft Ammo

Rising in popularity, biodegradable BBs are exactly what you might expect; BB pellets that will break down over time. Don’t let this worry you though – they will still perform exactly as you would expect! They simply compost over time once they’re in damp soil – a process that can take around 60 days on average. Many airsoft sites have now made Bio BBs a requirement, including our very own site, Fear Masters.

Non-Biodegradable Airsoft Pellets

Unlike Biodegradable BBs, non-biodegradable pellets will not compost over time. Rather than being plant-based like their bio alternatives, non-bio ammo is made from plastic that will remain intact for many years to come. Due to environmental reasons, many airsoft sites will no longer allow you to take non-bio BBs in with you.

Always check with your local site to see if they have specific requirements.

Tracer BBs

Tracer BBs are the perfect solution for playing a skirmish in low-light conditions. They are essentially glow-in-the-dark pellets that leave a light trail behind them as they fly through the air to the target. Please note, not all guns are compatible with tracer ammo types – though you can convert your gun to be suitable by adding a Tracer Unit.

Still not sure what you need? Why not check out our helpful guide to airsoft ammo for more information! Or pop down to our Airsoft store in Yorkshire for expert guidance and the chance to look before you buy.

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