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SA-V26-M Assault Rifle Replica – Red Edition

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SA-V26-M Assault Rifle Replica – Red Edition


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More information about SA-V26-M Assault Rifle Replica – Red Edition

SA-V26-M carbine replica – Red Edition

Specna Arms SA-V26-M carbine replica was made for the most part from a uniform zinc and aluminum alloy, using steel elements at the most sensitive points of the replica (so all screws, pins and tactical suspension handle are steel). The butt and pistol grip were made of polymer plastic. The replica body and the RIS rail assembly have been anodized , which guarantees a high level of corrosion protection of the replica. Painting the replica itself was done by powderingafter sanding the surface. This provides much higher than usual resistance of the applied paint to abrasion. The body has USMC markings. The replica was painted in two colors – black and red, this treatment gave the replica an interesting, aggressive character.

The replica has been very well folded – in a way that could be seen so far almost exclusively with G&P or Classic Army manufacturers – and perfectly balanced. This ensures perfect maneuverability of the replica, and its weight is almost imperceptible after placing the replica on the shoulder.

The replica uses a quick spring change system, so-called Enter & Convert ™ . This allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the replica’s power to the conditions expected in the field of play without having to have access to a workshop or a number of specialized tools – after removing the gearbox from the replica’s body, the spring replacement process takes literally a few seconds.

The advantages of the Enter & Convert ™ system are difficult to overestimate. In the light of the tendency throughout Europe to apply legal restrictions on the replica’s muzzle velocity and arrangements existing within the environments themselves, this system guarantees the user considerable possibilities and a lot of freedom. The Enter & Convert ™ system allows you to replace the main spring with minimal time , and thus, adjust the replica’s muzzle velocity to the gameplay area so as to guarantee a perfect compromise between fire efficiency and your own and other players’ safety.

The replica has been fully adapted to cooperate with LiPo and LiFe batteries. The replica is perfect for medium-range operations.

The gearbox reinforced at the cylinder head height hides a steel spring guide being a part of the Enter & Convert ™ system and mounted on 8-mm ball bearings and washers steel gears. The system is secured with four anti-return catches. The light, made of polycarbonate plastic piston was equipped with a steel tooth to increase its strength. A type 2 cylinder and steel chopper were also used, as well as a metal hop-up chamber.

The Upgraded version has a number of new, reinforced parts such as:

– set of reinforced steel gears
– steel spring guide
– lightweight polymer piston
– aluminum, sealed piston head
– metal cylinder head
– sealed metal nozzle

The replica is equipped with a 22 mm dorsal RIS rail, a set of front rails in the Keymod standard and an adjustable stock. Metal flip-up sights have been mounted on the upper RIS rail, but they can be freely replaced by any optoelectronic sights device. Thanks to the slide-out butt with non-slip texture, it is possible to adjust the length of the replica to the construction and preferences of the shooter. The standard flame suppressor is mounted on a 14-mm left-hand thread , which allows the attachment of a sound attenuator in its place.

To increase the realism of the game, the replica was also equipped with a working lock release .

The replica also includes a hi-cap steel magazine that holds 300 BBs.

The kit includes:

– replica
– magazine
– additional main spring

Warning! The set does not include a battery or a charger.


According to the report number HKGEC1600157401

The product meets the requirements of the EU RoHS Directive – Restriction of Hazardous Substances, Directive 2011/65 / EU annex II; transforming Directive 2002/95 / EC
treating the limitation of hazardous substances in electronics.

Which means that Specna Arms replicas are free of harmful materials such as: – lead – mercury – cadmium – hexavalent chromium – polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) – polybrominated phenyl ether (PBDE)

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