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More information about G&G TGM MP5 A5

The G&G TGM A5 is a small, unique MP5 styled weapon which is part of the Advanced range from G&G. It features a built in hand guard (with rails) and a lot of alloy internals. The allow parts include Upper receiver, barrel, internals with a polymer lower, stock, pistol grip and trigger guard.
A great feature of this gun is the pneumatic blow back system which uses excess air from the barrel and cycles the dust cover to simulate the bolt moving backwards and forwards inside of the gun. This particular variant of TGM features a folding stock, allowing you to either store it in a more compact way or even make it shorter to use in tight CQB arenas. The weapons flash hider is removable and reveals a 14mm CCW thread allowing for a large range of accessories to be attached including suppressors, tracer, amplifiers and much more. Pulling on the charging handle will reveal the hop-up unit which allows for greater adjustment of the backspin applied to the BB, giving greater range. Overall this gun has a high quality, high end feel to it and will definitely have a place in any close quarter scenarios.

Recommended Battery: Nuprol 1100Mah 7.4v 20c Stick Type
Recommended Charger: ASG Digital Auto-Stop Charger
Recommended BB’s: ASG 0.25g 3000 Bottle BB’s
Recommended Magazine:
Recommended Bags and Cases:
– Bags: Nuprol 36″ Essentials Rifle Bag
– Case: Nuprol Large Hard Case

Gun Type: AEG
Fire Modes: Semi Auto / Auto
Material: Plastic / Aluminum


  • Pneumatic Blowback
  • Small Design
  • Folding Stock
  • Included Riled Hand Guard
  • High Quality, Premium Feel
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