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AirsoftPro CNC Aluminium Nozzle for WE M4, 416 GBB Rifle

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More information about AirsoftPro CNC Aluminium Nozzle for WE M4, 416 GBB Rifle

Metal loading nozzle by AirsoftPro for WE M4 and 4168 GBB series. It is made from one piece of aluminum alloy T6, machined on CNC machines. It is a light and durable material.

Stock WE loading nozzle is composed of two main plastic parts. This aluminum replaces the front half which load BBs into a chamber. To replace this front part, you have to remove whole loading nozzle set from the bolt, remove secure pin , swap release controller into metal front end and reassembly back. This require some skill.

The advantage of the metal AirsoftPro loading nozzle is its durability. Stock one often breaks BBs loading nose and cause gun fail. Moreover, we have achieved higher FPS on Red Gas during our tests. However, this increase may vary on the each gun. We can not guarantee it.

Loading nozzle is suitable for WE M4 and 4168 GBB . Not compatible with SCAR nor KAC PDW.

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