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ICS (G36) AAR Compact Assault Rifle Black

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ICS (G36) AAR Compact Assault Rifle Black


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More information about ICS (G36) AAR Compact Assault Rifle Black

At first glance this Rifle looks like a standard G36, but take a closer look and you will notice some very impressive differences. Firstly rather than taking the propriety G36 magazines, this rifle takes standard M4 magazines, allowing for a lot more choice of magazines including, Mid Caps, High Caps and Flash Magazines alike. Usually on a G36 rail pieces need to attached to the front hand guard but they come already attached and ready to use, the stock is also completely different, as well as having an adjustable cheek rest it included an adjustable length and the ability to be folded away as well! Overall you are getting the same High Quality internals of any ICS rifle is a lightweight, adjustable rifle perfect for most scenarios you will find yourself in.

Recommended Battery: 1450mAh 7.4v Lipo Crane Stock Battery
Recommended Charger: Nuprol L3 Lipo Charger
Recommended BB’s: ASG Blaster 0.25g BB’s [Bulk Deals]
Recommended Magazines: ICS 300 Round M4 Magazine
Recommended Bags and Cases:
– Bags: Valken Single Rifle Case
– Cases: Nuprol Large Hard Case

Technical Specifications for the ICS (G36) AAR Compact Assault Rifle Black

Barrel Length:263mm/10,4inch
Mag. Capacity:300 Rounds
Standard mag:18826
Hop up type:Adjustable
Energy:1.1 joule

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