Unfortunately due to COVID-19 our Megastore will be closed until further notice. Online orders are still being processed at this moment in time and should you have any questions you can reach us at this email: chris@fearmasters.co.uk.

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Fear Masters Airsoft

Fear Masters Airsoft is an airsoft site based near Wakefield with multiple types of gaming areas to give you the best experience possible; With an open village, woodland and purpose built CQB areas. We can accommodate your style of play no matter what you like.

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Fear Masters Nerf Wars

Fear Masters Nerf Wars consists of a 60 minute package of high octane tactical Nerf Combat, set in a Haunted House for groups of a minimum of 10 people. Full hire package is only £10 per person, includes 1 Nerf Blaster, Goggles & 20 reusable Darts.

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