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Our Top 5 Airsoft Rifles

Whether you’re completely new to the world of airsoft but want to get stuck into the action, or you’re a seasoned fanatic looking to add to their collection, it’s well worth getting to know your airsoft guns and researching to find the best of the bunch.

With various manufacturers, models and accessories available, there are many elements to think about when finding the best airsoft rifle for your particular needs. That’s where we come in.

Here you will find an overview of some of our favourite airsoft rifles on the market at the moment. From lightweight rifles that are perfect for beginners, to more affordable rifles which can still pack a punch, we’ve highlighted the benefits of each of these rifles and what makes them ideal for certain requirements.

1. G&G ARP 9


The G&G Arp 9 is a fantastic addition to any arsenal, whether you’re just starting out or you have been playing for years.

The upper and lower receivers are made from a lightweight polymer, which brings the rifle’s weight down to just 1.9kg. Because it’s so light, even beginners will find it incredibly easy to carry around all day and not have to worry about feeling it the next!

It comes with a 300 round magazine as standard, however, there’s also a 60 round mid-cap magazine available for a more realistic gameplay, as well as a whopping 1,500 round high cap magazine for increased firing capacity.

The front handguard is an M-Lok handguard made from aluminium, which allows for rail sections to be mounted. Better yet, there’s also a picatinny rail that runs the length of the gun on top, for customising the location of your accessories.

The ARP 9 will only run on an 11.1v battery and cuts out power when the voltage gets too low. However, the 11.1v delivers a high rate of fire which can give you the edge in fast-reaction situations. If you’re looking to prolong the performance of your ARP 9, there is a great battery extension unit available from Airtech, allowing for larger 11.1v batteries and extended performance time for your ARP.

Another great feature of the ARP 9 is that it’s programmable to 3-round burst fire, which is simple enough to do and can be done mid firefight, should you wish. Finally, there’s a rotary hop unit which sits firmly in place, and with the hop rubber being split down the centre, you’re provided with excellent accuracy when using the ARP 9.



Next up in our overview of our top 5 airsoft rifles is the Krytac LVOA-S and the LVOA-C.

The LVOA airsoft rifle range is based on the real steel version by War Sport Industries. The LVOA-S weighs in at 2.7kg, whilst the LVOA-C sits a little heavier at 2.8kg – neither are particularly heavy and can be carried out comfortably for a day’s skirmish.

Both the upper and lower receivers are made from metal and are available in black, dark earth, olive drab and combat grey, each shade perfect for camouflage combat.

These airsofts will work with a wide variety of magazines, so if you have a current 556 setup then there is a high chance that your magazines will fit.

The rifle’s stock is easy to adjust and remove, whilst also allowing for nunchuck style batteries. A 1600mAh Nimh fits well inside the buttstock, with the pre-installed MOSFET contributing towards a good trigger response and a great rate of fire.

The hop unit is very easy to use – as a rotary unit, there’s a definite click when moved into position, and the numbering system allows you to put it back to the same setting every time you want it to lift a different weight bb. The split down the centre of the hop rubber also allows for fantastic accuracy.

These rifles feel great in your hands with a slim comfortable grip and a vicious looking long picatinny rail for all your favourite accessories. With all of these benefits and more, this range of rifle is definitely worth the investment.

3. ASG M40A3 Black

M40A3 Black 18556

This sniper rifle comes in at a lower price than other models, but not all is as it seems.

It is a licensed replica made by ASG and certainly goes the distance when used on the battlefield. Featuring a lightweight polymer piston and a 45 degree VSR style trigger unit, and out of the box it chronos at around 440-450ps. Together, all of this makes the ASG M40A3 a great rifle for snipers.

Weighing it at just 2.2kg, it can easily be manoeuvred and manipulated for rapid-fire shots. Comfortable features such as the pistol grip, an adjustable cheek pad and sling mounts at the front and rear of the gun, all provide a more easy and convenient experience when in combat.

The magazines are small and sleek and carry 27 round each, which fit neatly in the viper pistol taco pouches. There is also plenty of rail space on top of your favourite optice, as well as rail underneath the front for a rail mounted bipod.

All in all, this is a great little weapon for a truly fantastic price!

4. ASG CZ Scorpion Evo series

Evo 3A1 17832
Carbines 18720
Carbines 18719

The CZ Scorpion Evo series is licensed by ASG and looks simply superb!

The Evo3A1 is small and slim, making it easy to carry and wield for hours on end. With its slim pistol grip and comfortable trigger, it truly is a pleasure to hold. The Carbine series has an extended inner and outer barrel, as well as a larger M-Lok handguard. There is a range of M-Lok rail covers and a rail section for torches and lasers galore!

Both of the SMG and Carbine versions have the revised gearboxes in them, boasting some changes from the previous design to make it better and more durable. The gearbox has quick spring change ability, which can be done without even stripping the outer shell off, providing complete ease and convenience.

Each one of the Evos is hand built in the ASG factory in Denmark and comes, as standard, with a sophisticated ETU at its centre, giving the weapon single, 3 round burst and full auto capability.

ASG also provide a wide range of accessories just for the Evo, including a speed trigger, soft cases for both the SMG and the Carbine, bearing spring guides and magazine couplers, to name just a few. The rifles come with an ASG 50 degree hop rubber and a tight bore barrel in them, making the range and accuracy fantastic.

5. Nuprol Enforcer Alpha and Bravo

NEG-DEA-BK Alpha Black
NEG-DEB-BK Bravo Black

Whilst the Nuprol series of guns are still very young compared to some other brands, they are sturdy, built well, feel great to hold and really hold their own in the world of airsoft guns.

They come with a quick spring change gearbox, which sports bearings on the gears and a micro switch on the trigger. The micro switch gives the gun a definitive click on the trigger, making it feel crisp for each and every pull.

The inner barrel is 6.03mm across the whole range and it is made of coated steel, helping with durability, accuracy and range.

One from the series which stands out most is the Enforcer, both the Alpha (Longer) and Bravo (Shorter) versions in Tan and Black. They have long and plentiful MK18 style picatinny rails, which is perfect for positioning your many accessories, such as the Nuprol working PEQ box and Nuprol fore grips to make the Enforcer truly battle worthy.

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