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Krytac – Why Not Treat Yourself?

Posted on : 09th Oct 2018

We are very proud to stock a large range of Krytac products in our store and we have had some absolutely fantastic feedback about them both on and off the field.

To start, the externals are made from a very strong metal giving the gun a realistic feel making your experience just that bit better. The paint applied to the guns is super smooth making it easy to hold in your hands with or without gloves. Depending on which model you look at they come with different mounting systems for accessories but all maintain a great comfortable hold.

Internally is really where these guns shine, however, below is a comprehensive list of reasons why you can be sure a Krytac rifle is your perfect companion during your Airsoft adventures.

The KRYTAC Rotary Hop-Up unit is designed to optimize the range and accuracy of your AEG. The rotary adjustment wheel is precise and definitive, each click position is numbered with a tactile and audible feedback when adjusting.

The padded cylinder head helps soften and absorb the shock transferred to the gearbox while in use, it also provides the proper angle of engagement between the piston and sector gear.

The KRYTAC Reinforced Piston is both strong and lightweight, durable to handle the high cyclic rate of the Nautilus Gearbox and light to conserve energy.

The Nautilus Gearbox features an easy spring change that does not require the full disassembly of the gearbox.

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