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A Beginner’s Guide to Airsoft Guns

If you’re a beginner to airsoft then you’re undoubtedly excited to get started. You’ll be looking forward to your first game. Or, if you’ve already enjoyed airsoft and decided that you want more, you might be considering purchasing your own equipment.

One of the most important pieces of equipment you will buy is your airsoft gun. That makes it sound so simple, doesn’t it? In reality, this is not the case. You need to carefully consider what you want from your airsoft gun. Which type of gun do you like? Is this a hobby you’re planning to enjoy casually, or one you’re looking to take seriously? Furthermore, which type of gun is best for you and what type of environment you would like to play?

In today’s article, we’ll help you understand a little bit more about your first airsoft gun and what you need to consider.

What Types of Guns Are There?

Let’s start with one of the most fundamental aspects of airsoft for beginners: the different types of airsoft guns.

We’re going to take a look at spring guns, automatic electric guns, electric blowback guns and other types of guns. Each type of gun has different mechanisms and characteristics. This makes some guns more suitable for certain game modes than others. It also has a significant effect on cost.

Spring Guns

Spring guns are exactly what you imagine them to be. Their functionality is in fact very simple. Spring guns don’t use any source of external power such as gas or electric. Instead, they require human action to pump or cock the spring-mechanism. While this saves the initial cost and fuel, it does require cocking the weapon for each shot.

Spring guns usually come in 4 different types: shotguns, snipers, pistols and rifles. Pistols and rifles are generally entry-level, offering a low fps and usually made from low-quality materials. Snipers and shotguns, however, offer a different experience. Snipers are high powered weapons ranging from 350fps up to approx 500fps, firing one BB at a time over a very long distance up to and beyond 70 meters. Shotguns typically fire 3 to 6 BB’s, but you can get single shot shotguns which may give you the option of hop adjustment. You won’t get this from a 3 or 6 shot shotgun.

This makes spring guns the airsoft guns with the lowest fire rate. However, they’re incredibly simple and easy to handle, making them a good stepping stone for beginner airsoft players. If you decide that you want to try something more intense, then you can always step up.

Automatic Electric Guns

These guns step things up a notch. While spring guns are obviously well-suited to beginners, automatic electric guns come in many different capacities and are used by both semi-serious players and professionals alike.

As the name suggests, these guns are battery-powered. These guns typically fire from 290fps up to 350fps. Most electric guns come equipped with a hop-up system, ensuring that they’re also highly accurate over short to mid-range distances. Both semi-automatic and automatic electric models are available. AEG’s come in many different forms. The most common is the M4/AR15 platform, but most other types of gun are available as an AEG such as:

  • AK47
  • AK74
  • MP5
  • Scorpion Evo
  • Tar-21

You can also browse our wide range of Electric guns that we have in stock.

Electric Blowback Guns

Electric blowback guns are some of the newest guns on the airsoft scene. They’re similar to automatic electric guns, but they also make use of a fake bolt action when firing. Again, there are a range of blowback models, all the way from beginner level to advanced use. They’re generally in the intermediate to advanced range of guns and are typically priced a little higher.

Gas Guns

Gas guns are generally powered on one of three methods:

  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • Green gas (which is a mix of propane and silicon)
  • High Pressured Air (HPA)

It is quite common for pistols to be powered by gas. There are two main types of gas-powered gun: blowback and non-blowback. Blowback guns give you a realistic feel, due to the top slide or bolt carrier moving and loading a new round into the chamber every squeeze of the trigger, as if you were shooting the real thing. Non-blowback guns don’t have the moving top slide/bolt carrier. However, don’t be fooled by this – they are very gas efficient and shoot silently, helping you stay hidden from the enemy.

Gas guns generally have a lower magazine capacity over AEG’s, as the gas is usually stored inside of the magazine.

HPA guns will have a tank of some variety that stores the air and is remotely connected to the magazine. The outgoing line pressure can be increased or decreased to raise or lower the FPS of the gun. Some tanks will connect onto the gun instead of the magazine and the air regulated inside, instead of the regulator on top of the tank. It is quite common for tanks/guns to be set on the day of use and locked off so that they cannot be tampered with during gameplay. When running an HPA set up, considerations should be made for where you will be storing the tank on your tactical gear.

CO2 guns work in the same manner as a green gas gun. However, they require a bulb to be inserted, run at a higher pressure, and generally have a metal top slide to prevent cracking/breaking. With the CO2 being a higher pressure than green gas, some models have a higher FPS and some models are downgraded internally to be below 350fps, making them skirmishable at most sites in the UK. The higher pressure also boasts a stronger ‘kick’ on the blowback action.

When purchasing a gas weapon it is good to ask what type of magazine/power source it uses and if any alternative power sources are available.

Other Things to Consider

So now that you know which types of guns are on the market, you need to consider what you’re purchasing your gun for.

What type of environment will you be playing in? Certain environments require speed over stealth. Others rely on your ability to hit your target over longer distances. You’ll need to think about whether you prefer to sit back and pick your enemies off from afar or if you would rather run in all guns blazing and fight to the last breath.

Be sure to think about airsoft gun accessories as well. We have a range of attachments for your airsoft replica, including red dot sights, foregrips, lasers and torches giving you the ability to make it your own.

Does your gun come with a warranty? And how reliable is the brand? These are some questions you may want to consider when purchasing your next airsoft gun.

Airsoft with Urban Airsoft

You should now be better informed when it comes to buying airsoft guns. You need to think about the type of gun you require and whether it will benefit the way you play. And, as always, make sure that it’s on a budget that suits you.

When it comes to buying your airsoft gun, check out our range of models online. We sell every type of gun you can think of, including many different entry-level guns as well as some of the advanced range for the more seasoned airsofter.

If you would like some more information about the gun you’re purchasing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you with the right decision, ensuring that you get the best possible start to your airsoft journey.

Do you need to speak to a member of our team?

We’d love to hear from you – whether you need help sourcing that specific product, or want some advice on the best products to suit your requirements, our expert team are on hand to help.

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