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A Beginner’s Guide To Airsoft Games

There could be any number of reasons that you’re reading this Beginner’s Guide to Airsoft Games. Many of you will be interested in taking airsoft up as a new hobby, but aren’t sure what to expect from your first game.

Regardless, you’re going to need to know a few things about airsoft games before you arrive at our Fear Masters Airsoft site near Wakefield. Our guide will help you get prepared and let you know what you can expect with our top 5 tips for your first game.


What are Airsoft Games?

Airsoft isn’t typically compared to paintball, but there are a few similarities between the two games. In its most simple form, airsoft involves two sets of players battling against one another in combat mode. The players, carrying guns which fire small plastic pellets (remember BB guns?) take part in simulated gun combat in a variety of different game modes.

There are several different types of airsoft guns, but they all tend to be modelled from the designs of actual military firearms. Airsoft guns (Realistic Initiation Firearms or RIFs) fire small plastic pellets which are not that painful to take a hit from. Those playing airsoft will also wear clothing which generally resembles military attire.

But there’s much more to airsoft than replica military guns and outfits. It’s an incredibly safe and fun game to play. You could be playing in the classic ‘skirmish’ mode – where two teams battle against one another – or playing in ‘hide the flag’ mode. There could be items to capture and hide, or zombies to defend your territory against. Airsoft games have different game modes, and the courses and sites have exciting props and courses to make each round unique.


Are There Any Rules?

While it sounds like it could be a free-for-all with bullets flying in every direction, there are still some important rules for airsoft games. Most of them revolve around the single most important thing on the day: your safety.

First of all, you won’t be allowed to play without wearing impact-rated eye protection. And that’s the absolute minimum – depending on which site you’re playing on, you may also be required to wear full-face masks.

All of the guns used at our Fear Masters Airsoft Site are rated to a specific standard. They’re tested before the games and we make sure that they aren’t so powerful that they’ll cause any harm.

If you’re ‘shot’ during the game, you must stop, shout “HIT” and leave the course, depending on the mode of the individual game. We won’t go into the rules of every single airsoft game mode – there’s quite a few – but it’s important that you play honestly and obey the rules. Cheaters are never welcome in any game mode.


Top 5 Tips for Your First Game

Now that you know a little more about airsoft, let’s have a look at 5 beginner tips which will help you make the most of your first game.

Dress Appropriately

First of all, make sure you dress appropriately for the weather conditions. It’s important not to wear too much clothing in summer – some players try to shield themselves against painful hits by layering up. The plastic pellets don’t have a painful impact and you could become overly warm and uncomfortable by wearing so many layers. Contrarily, make sure you wear waterproofs and warm clothing when you’re playing in colder, wetter conditions.

Have the Right Footwear

Wearing the correct footwear is essential in airsoft. Not only will this give you greater mobility to manoeuvre between grass, mud and props, it will also provide your ankles with the protection they need. Playing airsoft with a good pair of above-ankle boots is a significantly better decision than wearing old trainers.

Listen to the Brief

We mentioned earlier that there’s a few game modes, and different modes have different rules. You could be capturing flags, protecting captains or even battling zombies. Make sure that you know the aim of the game by listening to the brief the marshal shares with you at the start. If you don’t, you’ll quickly become very unpopular with your teammates!

Don’t be afraid to ask the marshals or other players questions if you’re confused by the rules, or you’re simply curious about something. Talk to the people around you and get to know your team. Don’t forget – the most success in airsoft comes from great teamwork.

Do NOT Remove Eye Protection

One of the rules on just about every site you might visit it to keep your eye protection on during the game. If you remove your eye protection (and sometimes your full-face mask), don’t surprise to see the game stopped and marshals ejecting you from the site. This is a serious offence because it can lead to grave injuries. Keep your eye protection on at all times.

Have Fun!

We’ve spoken about a lot of rules and game modes, but make sure that when you play your first game of airsoft that you remember to have fun! It’s designed to be an enjoyable day out so don’t take the competition too seriously. Be a courteous player, enjoy the time with your teammates, and get to know the new people around you. You’ll end up enjoying airsoft so much that you’re back before you know it.

You can find out more about our airsoft events here – book a game today!

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